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Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and your effort. It was a pleasure to work with you and definitely will refer to you anyone that needs your help.
Thank you,

I would like to express my thanks for all your help and advice during a very difficult time in my life. Upon reflection I am so thankful for the decision that had to be made. I am a much happier and content person now.
Thank you so much,

Thank you for your support through a difficult situation. Your words and encouragement really meant a lot to me.

Thank you for all of your help and understanding during such a tough time.

I appreciate your experience and professionalism But, admire your patience and compassion. Thanks for being on my side.

I just wanted to thank you for everything that you did. Thank you for representing me in court and for taking the time to help me. It was much appreciated.

Not only excellent representation but ladies who care. Thank you for your continued support.

Thank you for all the hard work and long hours and days you have put into this case. It is very much appreciated!

It was a pleasure to have you handle my case. I thank you for your support throughout the “drama” of my divorce. Both you and Angela are professionals of the highest caliber. I regard it as a blessing to have met you. Thank you for the positive outcome.
Best Regards,

I find myself feeling so emotional as I write this note. I have held you as a mentor and a friend and I greatly respect you as a professional. Your integrity glows as well as your compassion which I drew from so many times. Thank you for the gifts you have given me. I would never be in this spot, my path to success without your presence in my life. I don’t have words great enough to express my thanks. Rather, I find pride in call you a friend and a peer. Thank you for your great expertise and gentle shoulder.

Finding myself in the worst spot I’ve ever been in my life it was a god send to find you. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!
Very Sincerely,

Thank you for being an outstanding legal counsel for K. We are very grateful for your services. God Bless you!
S & S

I knew filing for divorce and dealing with B. would be hell – I hired you because I heard from the best attorneys that you were the Best in family law. I knew I could trust you and when the going gets tough, you would protect my interests – always. You are now applying your skills – full tilt, and exercising your powerful knowledge and abilities. I do appreciate all your dedication and time spent on my case. I’m very proud that you are my attorney and on my side. Thanks.

Thank you for all your help and guidance over this last several months. Your understanding and kind words helped me get through a difficult time. It was much appreciated.

Your kindness, friendship and leadership is so appreciated. There aren’t enough thanks Susan, you earned my ‘future’ … it was worth the angst, I feel like a winner! I respect your intelligence and poise and experience as an attorney. Hope we can keep this friendship going! You are fun too!
Warm Regards,

Thanks a million, billion! You guys are the best.

Thank you for all the help that you’ve given me. It’s been greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your kindness and caring and for going above and beyond.
Best Regards

Thank you so much for all your help in bringing my case to a successful conclusion. I truly appreciate all your hard work.
Kind Regards

I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. I admire your intelligence and strength and it inspires me to become the best I can be. I feel like a have found a friend as well as a lawyer.

Words can never express how thankful I am for your guidance, support and friendship.  I will never forget what you have done for me.  Thank you for helping me to my new life.



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Photo of Susan E. Cohen
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