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Michigan Divorce Law

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Michigan law provides for a no-fault divorce without a separation. There is only a 60-day waiting period after you file your divorce papers. If minor children are involved, the waiting period is 180 days. Although fault grounds may be cited, this is rarely necessary as it only slows down the process and has minimal impact on the outcome.

A reasonable approach to managing your divorce

Divorce lawyer Susan E. Cohen believes strongly in handling divorce through negotiation. If you and your spouse are able to communicate, Ms. Cohen guides you through a calm and reasonable discussion process. When direct exchange with your spouse is not comfortable, she can work with you as a state-certified divorce mediator. Ms. Cohen also helps you create pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements to proactively articulate your plans in the event of divorce.

Division of property

In a Michigan divorce, the marital property is divided equitably. A family court judge considers many factors when determining the equitable distribution of property. However, you and your spouse can negotiate and present your own plan. Ms. Cohen is pleased to help you achieve a satisfactory division of your marital property.

Alimony payments

The resources and needs of both parties are taken into consideration when establishing alimony. As with property distribution, you and your spouse may negotiate the appropriate amount of spousal support. Ms. Cohen helps you achieve an alimony agreement that is fair and reasonable.

Child custody and parenting time

The court will award joint custody of your children if both parents agree that this is in the children's best interests. Ms. Cohen helps you work out an acceptable shared parenting schedule. If joint custody is truly not appropriate due to domestic violence or other issues, Ms. Cohen helps you achieve sole custody of your child.

Child support awards

Michigan child support laws primarily consider both parents' net incomes. If you leave the determination up to the courts, the judge is obliged to follow the child support guidelines unless there is a compelling reason they should not be followed. However, you may choose to make your own agreement. Ms. Cohen helps negotiate a different amount when necessary.

Work with a knowledgeable Michigan lawyer to resolve your divorce concerns

You can get through your divorce with the support of a focused, practical attorney. Contact Susan E. Cohen online or call her at 248.644.5600 to make an appointment.